A long time ago...when shoes laces were fat and Michael Jackson had a real nose...the first generartion of Jigoku Fighters were spawned.
1988 the first Jigoku Dojo was founded by Hanshi Shihan Marc Howes (founder of Kyokushin Budokai Goshin Do and Shotei Kumite).

Over the years Jigoku Dojo evolved from a traditional Karate based club into what is now classed as a Mixed Martial Arts club.

Training with the ethics of "All-Round Fighting"

In 2008 a new breed of Jigoku Fighters has been created, with the reincarnation of the Jigoku Dojo into what is now Team Jigoku.

During the Jigoku Seminar, April 2009 in Aberdeen, Team Jigoku Germany was founded by Saiko Shihan Marcel Vanderschaeghe
(Founder of Ashihara Goshinryu Karate and President of the EOS e.V.)

Team Jigoku Germany is a official part of Team Jigoku, the HQ is in Bonn/Germany and was the first Team Jigoku-Offshoot worldwide.

The HQ of Team Jigoku is still in Aberdeen/Scotland under supervision of Hanshi Shihan Marc Howes.

Team Jigoku and team Jigoku Germany incorporates not only a wide range of fighting disciplines of keep it simple stupid (KISS), but shows also Jigoku-Spirit in other sports like running.